Wednesday, September 07, 2016



...100% over there*, but not firing on all cylinders here just yet!

But we're working on it, even as we find ourselves thrown in at the deep end! On Sunday next, 11th September 2016, RSF Dublin are holding a 650-ticket raffle in the usual sports pub on the Dublin/Kildare border and, as usual, we're helping to organise same and will be there on the day to assist in running it. And, for once, there are three sporting fixtures which we are hoping to watch - the Red Bulls are playing against DC United, the Jets are up against the CB's and the Yankees are gonna have their work cut out for them if they hope to teach the TB Rays a lesson! YAY RA RA! and all that...!

Then the following weekend (on Saturday 17th September) we have been asked to help out with a republican event in O'Connell Street in Dublin at which about fifty 124-page Irish republican songbooks (and other Irish republican printed material) will be distributed, free of charge - details here. We hope to post one of our usual offerings here on Wednesday 14th September next but, considering that the weekend coming (Sat/Sun 10th/11th) is spoke for, as is Monday evening, 12th (raffle autopsy in Dublin city centre!) and then it's straight into final preparations for the 17th September rally, we can't be 100% sure of our output! But do check back with us anyway and, in the meantime, have a nice day!

(*...but of course 'output' would have to be located there. Well, it is - and it is 100%!!)

Thanks for reading, Sharon.