Tuesday, September 05, 2017



On a Friday in August, in Dublin, in 1940, an ex-IRA man was in charge of an armed raiding party of Special Branch men as they raided a house, hoping to capture a few republicans - a 'reward' per prisoner was on offer to the raiding party by the Leinster House administration, to be paid from a special slush fund which was established to 'encourage' State operatives to be more 'productive' in that regard. But the republicans they targetted that day were also armed, and fought back - two Special Branch men were shot dead, and another one was wounded. One of the republicans was wounded, and captured, as was one of his comrades. The State refused to hold autopsies on the dead Branch men, but did hold an 'internal inquiry' into the gun battle. They then suppressed the findings of that inquiry, which was said to have shown that the State 'security' men were killed by 'friendly fire'. However, the two captured republicans were put on 'trial' by a State military tribunal, which could only impose a death penalty, and were shot dead by State representatives... (MORE ON WEDNESDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER 2017).
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