Tuesday, April 10, 2018



There's an unprecedented amount of spin and misdirection in the last week or so in connection with the 20th anniversary of the signing of the 1998 Stormont Treaty ('Good Friday Agreement'), and more so today, the 10th April, the actual anniversary of the date that treaty was signed. It's depressing watching on TV, listening on the radio and reading on the web as professional political spoofers line up to tell all and sundry about how they practically 'saved Ireland', and use false assertions and incorrect 'facts and figures' to support their claims.

It could only happen in a partial ex-colony like this, in which the 'leaders' are smitten - mentally, morally, and emotionally - by their (old?) imperial bosses, whom they have an overwhelming desire to impress. It excites them to do so, and allows them to consider themselves to be 'every bit as good' as those that once spat down on them from the 'big house'. When the 'Stormont Treaty' ('GFA') was voted on here in May 1998, one of it's main 'selling-points', according to the State establishment that were promoting it - Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour, Provisional Sinn Féin, the various Church's, media etc - was that the British Government would legislate for the creation of a united Ireland if a majority within the Six Counties desired same. This was said to be a major development and, on it's own, worth voting 'YES' for.

However, that 'commitment' from Westminster was contained in the 'Ireland Act' of 1949, the 'Northern Ireland (sic) Act' of 1973, Section Five of the 'Sunningdale Agreement' and the opening section of the 1985 Hillsborough Treaty! It was a deliberate mis-representation of the facts by the pro-treaty side, which repeatedly claimed that a peaceful end to the North-Eastern conflict depended on a majority 'YES' vote in the referendum, thereby insinuating that those who voted 'NO' were pro-war.

In 1922, Liam Mellows said of the 1921 'Treaty of Surrender' - "This is not the will of the people ; it is the fear of the people". The conflict continued after that Treaty, and continues today. In 1973, the political establishment here and its hangers-on were amongst those telling republicans that the 'Sunningdale Agreement' was the "solution" to the North. In 1985 they did the same with the 'Hillsborough Treaty'. In 1998 they did the same with the 'Stormont Treaty' ('GFA'). We'll be posting a piece here tomorrow (Wednesday 11th April 2018) in which we will highlight some of the outrageous claims made in connection with the 1998 Stormont Treaty and not only will we be naming those who made those claims, but we will state the source of same. See ya then!

Thanks for reading, Sharon.