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Monday, June 28, 2004


....... Martin McDermott was a member of the 'Young Ireland' delegation which travelled to Paris , France , in 1848 , to present the case , and seek support , for Irish Freedom ; they met with the French Minister for Foreign Affairs , Alphonse de Lamartine .......

...de Lamartine was well-respected by his own people ; the French President at that time , Dupont de L'Eure , was more or less a 'figurehead' , with de Lamartine holding the real power in the new French Administration . He admired the 'Young Irelanders' and supported their cause to end British mis-rule in Ireland and , as a gesture of goodwill , presented the 'Young Ireland' Movement representatives with a gift for the Irish Nation - a Tricolour Flag of Green , White and Orange , which the Irish Rebels returned with to Dublin in April 1848 .

A member of that delegation which went to Paris , Thomas Francis Meagher , was only 25 years young when he sat down with the Government of the Second French Republic ; he was born in Waterford on August 3rd , 1823 , and was only 20 years young when he decided to challenge British mis-rule in Ireland . At 23 years of age (in 1846) he became one of the leaders of the 'Young Ireland' Movement and , at the age of 29 , wrote what is perhaps his best known work - ' Speeches on the Legislative Independence of Ireland ' , of which six editions were published .

Thomas Francis Meagher died , aged only 44 , in Montana , USA , (near Fort Benton) on July 1st , 1867 .......



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1921 - The Big Round-Up.......

".......I had no choice other than to abandon my plan to turn the Lewis-Gun on the British troops in their camp ; they were holding some of my comrades as prisoners and would have killed them had I gone ahead as planned ......."

" The British military from Tralee , who took part in the round-up , carried with them two IRA Volunteers but , on the following day they released them , having failed to identify them . Among the prisoners in the school at Ballyvourney were the two brothers Cronin , from Toureen , across the border in Kerry ; both were IRA Volunteers and their home , like the neighbouring houses of Muing , was always our refuge when we needed a rest . Indeed , having once crossed their hospitable threshold , one found it hard to leave again - to sit by the fireside , listening to the mother and her two sons discussing even very ordinary affairs , was a great joy in itself . A rich humour enveloped the most trivial matter but , when one of the three began to tell a story , we held our breath in gleeful anticipation .

For the story-teller could assume the role of every character in the tale , merely by the change of facial expression and the inflexion of the voice . This natural talent was to prove of great value to them , and to others , while prisoners in the school on Monday evening : a group of British Army Officers stood regarding the men they had hoped to classify as Units of the IRA . If there were some among them who thought their 'catch' was good , there were others with a more discerning eye who thought otherwise . The matter was soon put to the test , as a Brit Officer stepped forward and spoke to the prisoners -

- "Here , you fellows , you will remain here for tonight ; you may sleep there ," indicating the timber floor at large . The announcement was not received with enthusiasm , and there was no great rush to get to bed . Patsy Cronin slowly detached himself from the group of prisoners and , with a well-simulated slouch , he crossed , in full view of the Brits, to the farthest corner of the room .Here , stooping , he pressed the floor with the palms of both hands and , evidently not satisfied , straightened himself a little and moved a few yards further along the wall . Again stooping , he tested the area of floor around him within the radius of his hands .

With a frown he arose , and moving quickly forward , dropped down on his hands and knees to investigate again . The British Army Officers were watching this , with interest ......."


" The British Government has twice entered into detailed negotiations with representatives of the IRA . Nollaig O Gadhra recalls the talks that took place exactly ten years ago between the Northern Ireland (sic) Office and the Provisional Republican Movement . "

By Nollaig O Gadhra .

(From 'The Sunday Press' newspaper , 10th February 1985).
Re-produced here in 12 parts .
3 of 12 .

The document which the Irish Republican leaders handed over to the British at a meeting on 21st January 1975 called for -

1. Freedom of movement for all members of the Republican Movement .
2. Cessation of all harassment of the civilian population .
3. A cessation of raids on lands , homes and other buildings .
4. A cessation of arrests of members of the Republican Movement .
5. An end to screening , photographing and identity checks .
6. Members of the Republican Movement reserve the right to carry concealed short arms solely for the purpose of self-defence .
7. No provocative displays of force by either side .
8. No re-introduction of RUC and UDR into designated areas .
9. Agreement of effective liasion system between British and Republican forces .
10. A progressive withdrawal of British troops to barracks to begin with the implementation of the bi-lateral Truce .
11. Confirmation that discussions between representatives of the Republican Movement and H.M.G. will continue towards securing a permanent ceasefire .
12. In the event of any of these terms being violated , the Republican Movement reserves the right of freedom of action .......