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....... John Mitchel was one of the many who left the 'Repeal Association' to support the more militant 'Young Ireland' Movement ; Martin McDermott agreed with the stand that Mitchel and the others took - they were all of the opinion that "Ireland will be avenged..."

Martin McDermott continued writing for 'The Nation' newspaper , which supported armed action in defence of Irish Nationhood : he soon joined the 'Young Irelanders' and became one of its leading members and was on the deputation (along with , amongst others , William Smith O'Brien and Thomas Francis Meagher) which travelled to Paris , France , in 1848 , to highlight the demand for Irish Freedom to the Government of the Second French Republic which had been established following the French Revolution of February 1848 .

The new French Constitution affirmed the rights of " Liberty , Equality and Fraternity , Family , Work , Property and Public Order ..." ; that which the 'Young Ireland' Movement sought for Ireland . The 'Young Irelanders' met with Alphonse de Lamartine , the French Minister for Foreign Affairs , who was well-respected by his own Revolutionary colleagues in Government and by the French workers and poor - the French 'peasant class ...



war and peace in rebel Cork ,
in the turbulent years 1916-21.

By Micheal O'Suilleabhain : published 1965.

1921 - The Big Round-Up.......

".......a group of young lads from Ballyvourney were trying to escape the British round-up but were , instead , going towards another British Army camp . I pointed them in a safer direction and asked for any news they had on my comrades - I was told that a few of them had been captured by the Brits ....... "

" This news was most depressing to hear , and I could scarcely refrain from telling the bearers of the tidings how much everybody , including themselves , would benefit by their staying at home . However , I said nothing but , long after they had left , I sat among the rushes trying to decide on what I ought to do . Until I had heard of the prisoners taken , I had been very happy about my project ; I could have got one or more of my comrades to accompany me willingly , but would not think of risking anybody's life on such a scheme . Now , I was confronted with the same responsibility .

I argued the consequences with myself and , finally , had to admit to the voice of reason that , as a reprisal for my actions , the death of the prisoners would follow were I to shoot-up the British Army camp . In a very vicious humour , I shouldered my gun and marched down the road to my uncle's gate . I had kept to the by-ways to avoid meeting people and lo , they had nearly trampled me , as they came laden with bad news ! My comrades who went to Kerry were early on Monday hard pressed to avoid capture ; actually , they were within the 'circle' which had , at dawn , started to join its various arcs . Moving quickly towards the on-coming enemy , they slipped through a gap which soon closed behind them .

Other members of our IRA Column did likewise , in other directions : some who had gone to Kerry had , on Sunday night , returned to the east of Ballyvourney . Thus , on Monday evening , when the net was drawn , the British had little in it . Among a large number of prisoners assembled at Ballyvourney National School , the British had two members of our Column and a few other IRA Volunteers ....... "



" The British Government has twice entered into detailed negotiations with representatives of the IRA . Nollaig O Gadhra recalls the talks that took place exactly ten years ago between the Northern Ireland (sic) Office and the Provisional Republican Movement . "

By Nollaig O Gadhra .

(From 'The Sunday Press' newspaper , 10th February 1985).
Re-produced here in 12 parts .
2 of 12 .

Two days of general discussion and some 'shadow-boxing' ensued , complicated by the fact that the British side wanted the first two points kept secret but not point three (see yesterday's article...) . The formula about speaking to Provisional Sinn Fein but not directly to the (P)IRA was set out in (the British) Parliament on January 14th , 1975 by Mr. Merlyn Rees , the Northern Ireland (sic) Secretary , and became the basis of policy for the months ahead , even when, later on , (P)IRA Commanders from Derry and Belfast joined with Provisional Sinn Fein leaders in direct negotiations with the (British) Stormont Officials about monitoring and maintaining the Truce which finally was agreed to come into operation on 11th February , 1975 .

The basis of that Truce was laid in a 12-point document entitled 'Terms for a Bi-lateral Truce' which the Republican leaders handed over at a meeting on 21st January , 1975 .......