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Friday, October 02, 2009


The same gang of unprincipled political incompetents that are bringing you this, amongst other injustices , want you to vote 'Yes' for Lisbon 2 for , amongst other injustices , this reason : they are already extremely wealthy (financially , not morally) but are not satisfied with that - they want you to secure their financial future by voting 'Yes' to Lisbon because in doing so you will guarantee their continued financial prosperity. Don't be a 'turkey' - play your part in bringing them down to earth by voting 'NO!' to this faulty Lisbon Treaty/Constitution today , Friday 2nd October 2009!

Also - experienced observers will have noted the absence of State Garda who are usually positioned around polling stations as 'security' : a whisper is doing the rounds that the State Garda force has been instructed to 'relax' its presence for the vote today - if not to disappear altogether - thus helping to facilitate the manipulation of the true outcome of the poll. Either way - whether by lying about the alleged 'benefits' of the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution or by ballot manipulation - the political 'elite' in this State are determined to secure their own financial positions and will stop at nothing to do so. Don't assist them .