Saturday, October 03, 2009

Food for thought re the Lisbon 'Yes' vote :
A friend of ours , from outside Ireland, contacted us today in connection with an article he came across regarding the 2nd October 'Yes' vote on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution. It was our recent comment re the noted , and most unusual , absence of the State Garda Síochána from out/inside the polling stations on the day of voting which caught his attention. The terminology used in the article would not be usually found on this or any other Irish Republican blog/site but , that aside, parts of same should not be dismissed due to that fact alone. It's a lengthy article , but worth reading. Have a look for yourself....

"(We are) the envy of Europe..."

"(We are) incredible value for money.(Our expenses are) just adequate.No-one makes any money out of politics and if anybody says they do , I would like to meet them. Give credit where credit is due. What has been done for Ireland in the past 12 years by public representatives from all political parties has been incredible, the envy of Europe, as a matter of fact."
- Free State Fianna Fail Senator Donie Cassidy, in a recent interview with a newspaper reporter.

"Incredible" is right.But typical of his type.. These parastic non-productive millionaires are indeed "incredible" , in that their ego knows no bounds:they have purposely isolated themselves from the world that their 'subjects' inhabit and see themselves as entitled to an even 'grander' lifestyle than they already have. They see themselves as 'Irish Royalty'.
These are the same gang of corrupt , unprincipled crooks that will benefit from the recent 'Yes' vote on the Lisbon 2 Treaty/Constitution , and they will benefit at the expense of ourselves , our children and their children. This blog would like to echo the statement released by Republican Sinn Féin
(see below) and offer our thanks to the 33 per cent of those who voted for voting 'NO'.
We can't let the Donie Cassidy's of this world away with it.....

Republican Sinn Féin Statement on the Lisbon 2 vote:

Republican Sinn Féin congratulates the 33% of the electorate in the 26-Counties who refused to be bought by the outright lies of the “Yes” side in the repeat Lisbon referendum.
Once again the 26-County state has shown that by ignoring the will of its people they can achieve their desired outcome. Furthermore, on this occasion, campaigners for a “No” vote were denied equal coverage in the media. This was coupled with advertisements from the Referendum Commission which were clearly favourable to the “Yes” side. Despite widespread criticism of the Iranian Presidential election, a compliant media is prepared to ignore coercion of voters by the EU and its subordinates.
EU Commission President Barroso previously described the EU as an “Empire”, and it is clear that without intervention all Nations within the EU are set to become stateless.
Great responsibility lies with Czech President Vaclav Klaus to ensure that this does not happen. He must defend the voiceless throughout the EU and refuse to sign this death-warrant for nation-states.
It should also be noted that Brian Lenihan has admitted that talk of job-creation and economic recovery in the event of a “Yes” vote was a lie. And despite claims that it was in the interests of democracy to allow voters to change their mind, there is no suggestion that they will again be allowed to adjudicate on the EU Constitution under the guise of the Lisbon Treaty."

1 - 1. One All. A Draw.

On 12th June 2008 , the 'NO!' side won.
On 2nd October 2009 , the 'Yes' side won.

But , after the first 'match' , the referee and his business backers, who didn't like the result , forced a re-match and promised all sorts of 'goodies' if they won the second 'match' : unfortunately , it worked and , on Friday 2nd October 2009 , the game began and, the following day , they were 'officially' announced as the 'winners'. The rest of us, therefore , must be the 'losers'. And how.
This is a space that Irish Republicans have been in many times , and no doubt will be again. We have a history of waging a guerrilla campaign against our better-'armed' opponents (ie the State , its financial backers , its 'security' forces etc) and, whilst we have won on occasion , we have tasted defeat many times. But we have always re-grouped , tended to our (well-licked!) wounds - and carried on with our campaign. Just as we are doing now. The State has branded us as 'criminals' , the media ('official' and so-called 'independent') either ignore us or purposely misrepresent our intentions and the 'security' forces hound , harass and imprison us. But we are still here . And we intend to stick around for a long time yet!
See you out on the hustlings.....

Friday, October 02, 2009


The same gang of unprincipled political incompetents that are bringing you this, amongst other injustices , want you to vote 'Yes' for Lisbon 2 for , amongst other injustices , this reason : they are already extremely wealthy (financially , not morally) but are not satisfied with that - they want you to secure their financial future by voting 'Yes' to Lisbon because in doing so you will guarantee their continued financial prosperity. Don't be a 'turkey' - play your part in bringing them down to earth by voting 'NO!' to this faulty Lisbon Treaty/Constitution today , Friday 2nd October 2009!

Also - experienced observers will have noted the absence of State Garda who are usually positioned around polling stations as 'security' : a whisper is doing the rounds that the State Garda force has been instructed to 'relax' its presence for the vote today - if not to disappear altogether - thus helping to facilitate the manipulation of the true outcome of the poll. Either way - whether by lying about the alleged 'benefits' of the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution or by ballot manipulation - the political 'elite' in this State are determined to secure their own financial positions and will stop at nothing to do so. Don't assist them .


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

(NOTE : for brief report and photo of the CDP/CE/JI protest march which took place in Dublin today click here.)

Twenty-six men were convicted on the word of Harry Kirkpatrick. On their appeal against those convictions could well rest the future of the 'Anglo-Irish Agreement'
('The Hillsborough Treaty')
. Based on a full transcript of the Kirkpatrick trials , the story of how these convictions were obtained shows why the 'Supergrass System' is a pale shadow of justice.
By Derek Dunne. From 'MAGILL' magazine, February 1986.

At the 'trial' , the British Army Marines were not really sure what weapon was fired at them : it could have been a high , or low, velocity weapon . One of them , who had given a description of the alleged gunman which was quite clear , could not remember what that mans face looked like in court . In fact , he claimed that smoke from the gun obscured his view! But there was no such 'obscurity' when he made his original statement.

But the description he gave in no way resembles either Gerard Steenson or Paddy McAreevey who were charged with the shooting , but it did resemble Kirkpatrick's friend Gerard Barkley. Kirkpatrick consistently denied putting other people in incidents in order to protect his friend , and showed no remorse for this or for anything he had done , despite admitting in court that he was a drug taker , a drunkard , liar , perjurer and a murderer !

He made many serious mistakes in giving 'evidence' and changed his account from time to time between March 1982 and the 'trial' . We have compiled a list of those 'mistakes' , starting from when Harry Kirkpatrick signed a statement for the RUC in which he claimed to have told them about everything he had been involved in . But that's not true.......

A Dublin District Justice was accused by American embassy intelligence personnel of encouraging left wing agitators and tolerating hostile acts against the United States.......
From 'MAGILL' magazine, 'Christmas Special' 1980.

On October 14th , 1976 , Mairin de Burca made a speech at St. Catherine's College , St. Paul , Minnesota ; the FBI used this opportunity to gather some information about events in Ireland , information which still resides in their files and, even now, may be in use to brief their internal/external security operatives. But the FBI agent who wrote the 'St Catherine's College Report' appears to have been drunk whilst doing so -

" Today the conflict is due to the separation of counties in Northern Ireland. The majority of the citizens of Ireland did not want separation from Great Britain or Catholic control . The history of the revolution has been by force of arms and has been a tradition up until 1962..." One can see that there is a mind at work here . Somewhere. It isn't quite sure what it is doing , but it's determined to understand 'the Irish problem' and report on it to its master.

The FBI agent continued - " In 1965 , the Irish Republican movement was founded. This was a departure from the Socialist Movement and a new departure from traditional armed conflict. The Communist Party of Ireland was founded at this time in 1965..." Now this will more than likely come as a shock to those such as Mick O' Riordan who have been battling away for the best part of 50 years! The rest of that sentence won't make things any clearer , either. Remember , according to that FBI agent, the CPI was founded in 1965 , which was the same year that "...the minority of the population moved to the Left for traditional religious reasons.." !

That Bright Spark of an FBI agent then attempted to explain "the military attacks" in the Six Counties to his boss.......

THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST HEROIN IN DUBLIN....... The drugs crisis is one of the major problems facing young people in Dublin today. In large areas of the city it has now reached massive proportions , while in the inner city there is estimated to be a higher percentage of drug addicts and drug abusers than in Harlem in New York . But it has been only recently - 5 years after this epidemic began in earnest - that any notice has been paid to the problem. And even now the Free State government has failed to confront the crisis in a meaningful way . Tony Barry of Na Fianna Eireann has been looking at the issues for 'IRIS' magazine.
From 'IRIS' magazine, December 1984.

Inevitably, given the garda antagonism to the anti-drugs campaign , there have been numerous incidents of intimidation of campaigners by the drug-pushers themselves , including attempts to run them down and several occasions on which guns have been produced by the pushers.

Yet, unlike several other times when known pushers have complained to the gardai about 'intimidation' from anti-drug campaigners , no action was taken by gardai in the aftermath of any of these incidents. On another occasion , in the north-side of Dublin City , (P) Sinn Féin's Christy Burke (secretary of the Hardwicke Street tenants' association and involved in the Inner City Drugs Action Group) was taking part in a community 'chant about' in a block of flats when the Special Branch ('Political Police') arrived in force and approached Burke ; they speedily withdrew, however, when they recognised two of those with him (along with over 300 residents) to be Fine Gael Leinster House member Michael Keating and Independent Leinster House member Tony Gregory.

Unfortunately , Dublin Central is just about the only area where elected representatives have lent their support to the anti-drugs campaign . In the vast majority of cases , politicians have 'hummed and hawed' , issued pious statements of 'concern' , and then done absolutely nothing.......

Sunday, September 27, 2009


" I don't care which Party takes me in . I have a pension for life either way...."

In what appears to be an exclusive* to this blog ,we can confirm ** that Mary Harney has rejoined the Fianna Fail party : our exclusive picture , below , is a 'Best Wishes...' advertisement to the 'Lucan Festival' Committee ,which was published on Page 8 of a local newspaper , 'The Local News', (Dublin) West Edition , in its 24 September 2009 issue :

The advertisement which Mary Harney placed.... this Dublin West local newspaper.

The telephone number on the ad is the number for Mary Harney's constituency office but , when we rang it , seeking confirmation that, once again, Harney had jumped ship , a voice from the past told us that his Boss was unavailable , as she was last seen in a helicopter , on her way to wash the blood and dirt from her hands in an outside lavatory. However , the kind gentleman did tell us that Mary will be in the toilet for a few hours as she is trying to get rid of what she apparently believes to be dirt under her fingernails and also confirmed to us that, no matter which political party Mary joins , she will always lean to the right -

"Just try and not injure yourself when exercising. The State health programme is in worse shape than I am...."

That office worker assured us that Mary will be making an official announcement on Wednesday next, 30th September , at One pm , in Parnell Square, Dublin , and stated that he believes thousands of her "grateful subjects" will be present.....

(* Either an 'Exclusive' or a misprint by the 'The Local News' newspaper! / ** "Confirm" , that is, that Harney never really left Fianna Fail , nor them her: they both share the same 'anti-worker/pro-bailout-the-bankers' policies.)