Friday, August 02, 2013



The 'Property Tax' load will only increase , year after year but , even if it were to stay the same , it's still an unjust tax , and one I won't be paying.

As expected , I have received a letter from the State Revenue , signed by a Mr. Michael Gladney , in connection with money that he and his outfit claim I owe them as payment for living in my own house.

In his letter , Michael states " I hereby formally give notice that I will issue an instruction to... (my employer is named here) deduct €112.00 in equal instalments from their payments to you and instruct them to remit the amount to the Revenue Commissioners starting as soon as is practicable after the receipt of the instruction and concluding in December 2013....(and) I must also advise that the estimated amount is not a full and final settlement of your LPT liability...", although, of course, I don't see myself as being 'liable' to any State institution for living in a house which I myself paid for - and it took more than twenty hard years for me to do that , with no State aid and none requested.

The fact that 50,000 letters have been dispatched by the State Revenue could be misinterpreted by some to mean that there are 'only' that amount of us that haven't paid this tax , but that is not the case : there are at least tens upon tens of thousands of us that haven't paid but only 50,000 letters have been posted by the State Revenue , to date. It seems that there is between 150,000 and 300,000 households which have not paid , or maybe more , depending on your source but , as stated before, I am not dependent on numbers to 'back me up' in regards to opposition to this tax , as I am not relying on the courage of somebody else's 'conviction'. Anyway - within hours of receiving the letter from the State Revenue , I wrote one of my own : to my employer , instructing them that no money is to be deducted from my wages in connection with non work-related issues unless I give permission in writing for same.

I fully realise that I am a 'David' taking on a 'Goliath' but what I am not is someone who will give in easily - without a fight - to that which I deem to be an injustice. So 'bring it on' , Mr. Gladney - let's see what you've got , because I'm prepared to take this as far as I can.....

Thanks for reading, Sharon.